Macworld ‘08 Yawn…

January 15th, 2008

So like most Mac faithful I await Macworld eagerly each year. After the Jesus Phone announcement last year, I didn’t know what to expect this year. The rumor sites said it’d be a thin notebook and it was. Hooray?! I mean, the MacBook Air is clearly an engineering marvel and I appreciate that, but why? Why do we need a laptop so thin we can put it in an envelope for dramatic effect? I know I don’t. Businessmen who are always on planes? Is that the audience? The only thing that piques my interest is the 5 hour battery life. Please Apple, make a tablet. Or at least a Macbook Air that’s a convertible. I want to use it to design the ultimate remote for my home entertainment system.

The iTunes rentals/AppleTV were also expected. That’s actually slightly more interesting to me. But I’m still waiting for the LG/Netflix streaming stuff that was announced at CES. Somehow I’m not a fan of paying $5 for only 24 hours of access. It’s highly unlikely that I wouldn’t finish watching a movie in 24 hours. But the psychology of that much restrictiveness is what bugs me. Maybe I’m just too American.

Sadly, the only product that I really wanted that was unexpected was the Time Capsule. Too bad I bought and Airport Extreme less than a year ago. Oh well, I’ll just pick up on of those drives from G-Technology. Maybe their prices will drop with increased volume after being bought out.

Seems like Wall Street wasn’t too pleased with Macworld either. AAPL was down $15 in during market and after hours trading combined. Maybe it was the less than spectacular product announcements or more likely the “only” 4 million iPhones sold thus far. Thankfully, I got rid of that stock last month. Unfortunately I’ve done just as poorly where I reinvested those proceeds…damn economy.

Inaugural post

January 13th, 2008

Here goes nothing! This is my first blog post since 2005 when I used a blog to keep friends and family updated as I studied abroad in Europe. went live last year in tiny bits and pieces. First came the Musings essays followed by the Portfolio which took an eternity to design, develop, and populate with content. It’s still a mess in some places though. I haven’t gotten around to building the photo gallery and populating it. I’m still trying to decide on what gallery software I should use and whether to use Flickr for storage. Also, you may notice that the permalinks for blog entries aren’t yet formatted. I spent this weekend designing and styling this blog. I’ll get around to the permalinks next week.

Why haven’t I blogged in so long? It’s not that I haven’t had thoughts I wanted to record and share. Mostly it’s since I’ve been too busy/lazy to design a custom styled blog in the first place. Plus writing the entries themselves is time consuming. However, my goal here is to post at least once a week. I’ve taken notes for things to blog about over the past year so I have a list of topics that I want to address backlogged already. Look forward to posts on filters vs. search, art, product UIs, review of the Griffin Evolve from an interaction design perspective, cool products, thoughts on how to improve remote controls, high tech fabrics, museum exhibits, etc…

But first things first. Macworld’s Stevenote is on Tuesday so I’ll be posting again real soon.