Hello My Name is Dan

I've been designing for the web ever since I first figured out how to upload an image to a server and code HTML 10 years ago. Much has changed technologically since then but the potential of digital media to make information more accessible still drives my passion for design. My style is generally modernist and clean but (hopefully) with personality. My work is informed by endless studies in interaction design, communication theory, marketing, and cultural theory. In my spare time I try to keep my creative edge sharp through photography and cooking.

I believe that design should be about improving the quality of people’s lives. Either through products that work better, signage that helps people get places, or through general improvements to the everyday visual environment. As an interactive designer, I see myself as less of a creator and more of a facilitator. I want to help people accomplish their goals by improving the tools that allow them to do so and then stepping out of the way.

This site is still very much under construction so come back soon!

Contact me: dan at danielyang.com